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The world we live in keeps changing at an accelerated rate, so much so that change is the only certainty we seem to have. My professional career had sustainable design engineering as a starting driver, reoriented itself around societal transitions and currently centers on algorithmic fairness. My company name ‘New State of Matter’ reflects the societal and personal transformation, and my scientific as well as exploratory attitude.



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Rotterdam, The Netherlands


About Me

<aside> <img src="/icons/profile_green.svg" alt="/icons/profile_green.svg" width="40px" /> Gaspard Bos is a designer, developer and entrepreneur as ‘New State of Matter’. His mission is to make technology regenerative instead of extractive, by engineering it from the ground up on public values, and embedding it within business structures that serve the common good. His latest venture was bringing the power of AI to local retailers of second-hand / vintage clothing, thereby preventing big online shops from driving SMEs out of the city, equipping them with similar digital advantages to support them in their circular business model. His freelance developer activities include both the implementation of various types of machine learning that comprise emerging AI assistants; computer vision, text-to-speech and speech-to-text and of course language models, as well as data science solutions (on a.o. medical, financial, educational, musical, natural and political data) for research and development of new (classification, recommendation, generation) models. He is following the fast-paced developments in generative AI actively and especially the advancements in engineering that are making large language models smaller and more compute efficient, allowing them to be deployed on consumer-grade hardware. He is especially interested in how language models can strengthen connection in communities, evidenced by his research on political bias in LLMs and the development of an AI that helps moderate a poetry writers subreddit with 285k users.



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